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Would you like to do some research, but don’t want to spend your entire budget?

Market research doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg.

URBAN RESEARCH can cater to your budgetary needs, big or small… how?

Industry sub-contractor contacts and minimal overheads mean flexibility for you and your projects. Let us know what you’re after, and your project will be tailored accordingly.

“Market research doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg.”

Areas of research include (but are definitely not limited to!)

-       Ad hoc, once off projects (qualitative or quantitative)

  • Product tests (new or existing)
  • New and existing concept tests / checks (do they resonate?)
  • Market scope (e.g. where are the opportunities, what is the current state of play?)
  • Target market check / deep dives (e.g. do you know who your customers are? Have you checked in with them lately? Understand your current and potential customers)

-       Tracking projects (qualitative or quantitative)

  • Do you need to see how performance is tracking over time?
  • You may wish to track customer or employee satisfaction and / or brand health (e.g. brand awareness, affinity with the brand, likelihood to buy or recommend)
  • You may wish to understand how customers perceive the overall experience they have gained from interacting with your brand, product and / or service

When to go with quantitative versus qualitative research…

This really depends on the project’s overall objectives, but generally speaking, if you’re in the discovery phase of a particular project (i.e. you need to ask many questions for ideas, opportunities), then qualitative research is indeed very effective, as we speak with the consumer one on one or in a group scenario, so we can always probe and expand on any topic of discussion to find out more.

Quantitative research is very useful when we need to understand the likely market impact of a particular topic of interest – for example, you may have an idea that you’re pretty happy with, but need to see whether it will be commercially viable. An online survey for example, will reach a large number of people to get you the numbers you need to make your business decisions.

Qualitative and quantitative research is often used hand in hand, and compliments each other nicely.

Of course URBAN RESEACH is here to talk through the best option for your projects.

“Quantitative and qualitative research is often used hand in hand, and compliments each other nicely.”

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