Small businesses

Wish to grow your business?

Everyday consumers are the ones buying in to your product and service, so it makes perfect sense to talk to them about your business (directly or indirectly i.e.

tell them what your business is, or keep it quiet).

Turn these consumer insights into actionable marketing campaigns and plans to improve the overall service and / or product offering of your business.

Consumers love to experience something when they purchase your product or service – whether this is a product they can take away with them, or whether it’s dining in at your restaurant or browsing to buy something from your store.

It’s all about the experience they get – at the time of purchase, or after purchase for days, weeks, months or even years following.

Find out exactly what your business offers to its customers – then let’s work with that.

For example, why do customers love to interact with your business?  Do they know exactly what experience they are going to get from the interaction? Word of mouth impact is HUGE. Do they want to recommend the experience to others? Why / why not?

Creating a sense that consumers are missing out on something if they don’t interact with your business is an extremely powerful creation – what do you offer that no other business does? Ramp up your business advantage and let consumers know about it.

“Ramp up your business advantage and let consumers know about it.”

Most consumers get bored of the same old thing, particularly if it’s a ‘non necessity’ item, such as dinner at a nice restaurant, a new dress or suit purchase, or that nice bottle of wine after a hard week.

Of course there are elements that must remain consistent, such as quality of service and product – however, creating excitement via the overall experience is what I’m getting at.

“Creating excitement via the overall experience is what I’m getting at.”

It’s all about DIFFERENTIATION – businesses usually already have the core offering in place, it’s about building on this so that consumers know they’d be missing out if they don’t interact with you.

And…. consumers just LOVE to be involved and having their say in your business success. It makes them feel like a part of it – they love when it’s about them.

So how do we find out what people want?

There are many, many ways we can talk to consumers – it really depends on what your businesses key objectives are.

For example, you may just be looking to improve your menu or general service in your restaurant – if so, you could invite a group of your current customers to sit down and have a chat about various topics of interest, or you could ask them to complete a short survey at the end of their dining experience, and offer them a free meal next time if they complete the survey.

If you’re looking to start up a business in a particular area, and wish to find out whether there is an opportunity, you can do an online survey amongst your target market and ask them a series of questions, which will also provide you with invaluable marketing ideas as well.

URBAN RESEARCH is also available to assist with marketing initiatives as a result of consumer research, or from existing ideas to help show consumers just how special your business is.

So, what are you waiting for? Surprise and delight your customers, keep em’ on their toes and they’ll keep on coming back for more.


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